Cat Condos - Flexible Housing for Cats

Stone Mountain Cat Condos are a great modular solution for all your feline boarding needs. Our cat condos are divided so when business is slower, you can open the portals in the condo banks for your cat to enjoy additional living space. Put the litter box in one condo and toys in another! Each condo also includes a raised loft area for lounging and lookout. When it gets busy, simply close the portals to create more individual spaces to increase your occupancy levels! It's that easy!!

6 Condos - Tan with Tempered Glass Doors
Cat Condos with Tempered Glass Doors
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Cat Condos with New Gate
Cat Condo Bank with New Grille Gate
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Cat Walking Through Portal in Condo Suite
Tabby cat enjoying extra space walking through condo portal.
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Standard Features:

  • Durable aluminum frames are attractive and easy to clean.
  • 1/4" HDPE plastic panels are kinder to pets' paws than wire.
  • Grille gates are all aluminum framed and come in a standard powder coat of black, gray or tan for a tough attractive finish
  • Tempered glass doors offer great visibility and a more polished, inviting look and feel, giving your facility a friendlier appearance
  • Cat Condos feature a raised loft area and portholes on top, bottom, and both sides. Portholes are easily opened without tools and stimulate cats to climb from cube to cube. Cats love it!
  • Condos mount on locking swivel casters for easy movement.
  • Our slim ventilation assembly connects to your facility‚Äôs exhaust system via a standard flexible hose.

Optional Features & Accessories:

Look into some of our Custom Add-on and Accessories. Enhance your style with a little more detail and flair with our custom suite numbers, custom document boards, cat perches and more.

Our HDPE Plastic Panels don't asborb pet urine, so they won't swell up and disintegrate like particle board. HDPE is easy to wipe clean or pressure wash. No Assembly Required. Our Cat Condos ship to you completely assembled!

Cat Condos are available in 10 colors!.

Tan Panel Sample
Green Panel Sample
Blue Panel Sample
Gray Panel Sample
Red Panel Sample
Yellow Panel Sample
Orange Panel Sample
White Panel Sample
Brown Panel Sample
Black Panel Sample

Contact a sales representative for more details on lead times and pricing.

Standard Frame Colors
Black Frame Sample
Black (standard)
Gray Frame Sample
Tan Frame Sample

Many color choices are available with lead times up to 8 weeks and additional cost, depending on the color chosen. We've chosen to demonstrate black because it is our most commonly picked color and works well with many of our panel colors.

Mouseover to view sample color combinations:

Black Frame / White Panel
Black Frame / Red Panel
Black Frame / Blue Panel
Black Frame / Yellow Panel
Black Frame / Tan Panel
Black Frame / Orange Panel
Black Frame / Green Panel

Current Selection:

Category / Part Number Product Name / Description Product Price *
025-0000-1279-04 2 x 3 Cat Condo - Grille Gates (60"W x 79"T x 25"D) $5,249.00
025-0000-1279-05 2 x 3 Extra Deep Cat Condo - Grille Gates (60"W x 79"T x 31"D) $5,945.00
025-0000-1305-04 2 x 3 Cat Condo - Glass Gates (60"W x 79"T x 25"D) $5,576.00
025-0000-1305-05 2 x 3 Extra Deep Cat Condo - Glass Gates (60"W x 79"T x 31"D) $6,271.00
025-0000-1311-04 3 x 3 Cat Condo - Grille Gates (90"W x 79"T x 25"D) $7,336.00
025-0000-1311-05 3 x 3 Extra Deep Cat Condo - Grille Gates (90"W x 79"T x 31"D) $8,032.00
025-0000-1312-04 3 x 3 Cat Condo - Glass Gates (90"W x 79"T x 25"D) $7,826.00
025-0000-1312-05 3 x 3 Extra Deep Cat Condo - Glass Gates (90"W x 79"T x 31"D) $8,522.00

Condos listed have side and floor portholes

* Prices are subject to changes. Please call for confirmation or with any questions.

I love them! Our patients are much happier! The larger living space, raised shelf, and portholes keep them very content. Having these amenities seems to help the cats keep the kennels cleaner, as well. Shannon Noyes, L.V.T.
NYC Veterinary Specialists - New York, NY


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