Collapsible Training Panels

If you are having trouble getting dogs to focus in your training classes? If dogs are distracted by noises or other dogs? If you just want some separation in a large space to training individual dogs. Try our Collapsible Training Privacy Panels.

Collapsible Training Privacy Panels help you and your dog succeed with training.

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All dogs can participate in group classes and those that need a barrier to block distracting visual stimuli can use our Collapsible Training Panels to help them focus on their owner. Owners can see over panels to participate fully in the class.

No need to use extra space for storage. Collapsible Training Panels store securely again the wall when not in use. Easlly open if you find a dog or several in your class need special attention. Collapse them to wall again just as easily. 

  • Key Features:
    • Catch pins make collapsing and setting up a snap.
    • Wall Bracket safely holds the panels when not in use.
    • Multiple panel sizes to suit every training situation.
    • Provides a respectful space for dogs who need a little less stimuation.
    • Flexible space for those dogs who need a few minutes of one-on-one time before going back to the larger class
    • Attractive HDPE panels - Available in 10 Colors!
    • Attrractive and sturdy black powder coated aluminum tube frame.

These training panels offer a unique way to have a focus area for when dogs need special attention but don't take up extra space when not in use. It's the best of both worlds!

Side view of Training Privacy Panel
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View of Collapsible Panel
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Four Collapsible Privacy Panels in Classroom.
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  • Our Most Popular Sizes:
Part Number Product Name / Description ** Product Price *
025-0000-1292-01 79" x 36" Training Privacy Panel Assembly, Folding $2,023.00
025-0000-1292-03 79" x 48" Training Privacy Panel Assembly, Folding $2,023.00
025-0000-1292-05 79" x 60" Training Privacy Panel Assembly, Folding $2,150.00

  • Available Options:

Part Number Product Name / Description ** Product Price *
013-2000-0379-02 Stainless Steel Caster Upgrade $69.00

** Additional sized may be available upon request.

* Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.

are available in 10 colors!.

Tan Panel Sample
Black Panel Sample
Green Panel Sample
Brown Panel Sample
Blue Panel Sample
White Panel Sample
Gray Panel Sample
Orange Panel Sample
Red Panel Sample
Yellow Panel Sample

Mouseover to view some sample color combinations:

Black Frame / White Panel
Black Frame / Red Panel
Black Frame / Blue Panel
Black Frame / Yellow Panel
Black Frame / Tan Panel
Black Frame / Orange Panel
Black Frame / Green Panel
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