Doggy Day Care Divider Door, Handle Lift

Handle lift doors are made to withstand the daily grind of doggy day care operations. Allows for an up-close control of access.

Doggy Day Care divider with handle door
Backside view of divider and door
Backside view of the divider and door
Veiw of door open
Veiw of the door being open with the handle
Up-close of handle
Up-close of handle
See it in use at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge!
Part Number Product Name / Description Product Price *
025-0000-0674-22Room Divider Guillotine Door (22.5" T x 16" W Opening)$164.00

** Additional sized are available upon request.

* Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.

Key Features:

  • Durable, Attractive & Easy to Clean
    • Powder coated doors
    • Clear anodized aluminum frame
    • Cadmium plated steel pulleys
    • All stainless steel fasteners -no rust

  • Smooth & Easy Operation
    • Lightweight, pulley-operated door
    • Door rides in an extruded track
    • Up-close control of door to allow one canine entry or exit at a time
    • Door has ability to be facing either direction
  • 4 Sided Frame
    • No edges for dogs to chew on


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