Express Drying Suites
Fast Non-Heated Drying for Dogs of All Sizes

Express Drying Suites help you get the most out of your space. These heavy duty, attactive, commerical grade, Express Drying Suites add high efficiency to your work space.

Use Two Ways!

Two (2) spacious 32" x 48" and comfortable suites for large and small dogs alike or add our divider and make four (4) 32" x 24" suites -- for those really busy days

  • Tough enough to use everyday
  • 20" - 3670 CFM commercial grade fans move the highest volume of air in its class for fast drying
  • Three speeds of air flow
    • 3670 CFM, 3300 CFM, 2940 CFM
  • Room Temperature Air - no overheating your dogs
  • Low amperage draw. Each fan draws only:
    • 1.6A on it's highest setting, 1.3A on medium, 1.1A on low
  • Premium anodized aluminum framework for beautiful and durable finish
  • Ability to mount the drying fans on the sides or back of kennel, depending on salon's requirements (factory option)
  • All Stainless Steel attachment hardware
  • Tough 1/4" thick HDPE panels are available in 3 colors
    • Tan (standard - in stock), Blue, Evergreen
  • Elevated drying trays included so your dogs are not lying in a puddle of water
  • Heavy gauge (.25") ABS trays contain accidents and are removable for cleaning
  • Custom engraving option available for company logo, dog's name, etc.
  • Padlock ready latch for added security
  • Optional features: Bowls inside of door or baskets the door
  • Made in the USA
Category / Part Number
32" Series, Side Mounted Fan Product Name / Description Product Price *
025-0000-0994-36 Grooming Dryer Duplex Suite $9,680.00

* Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.

Technically, how do you dry dogs?

It is not by blowing the water off of the dog. "Drying" is a mass transfer process whereby water is removed by evaporation from something. In this case, water from a pet. This process can happen by heating the air so that a small amount of air has a greater capacity to hold moisture or it can be done simply by removing the moisture with high volume of room temperature air. Either method works, however, the heating air method can be dangerous to a pet that is unattended. Pets can quickly overheat if the heated air continues to blow on a pet after it is dry.

Our suites blow room temperature air at an extremely high volume to quickly and safely dry your pets.The relatively low humidity room temperature air moved at high volumes over and around the pet will dry the pet more quickly and more safely than low volume / high velocity heated or unheated systems.


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