Doggy Day Care FUNiture Teeter Trainer

To help start your dog off on the right paw, we have designed a "teeter training system" to build their skills and confidence. Our teeter trainer system consists of 2 sizes of teeters with 4 levels of difficulties.

The science behind our system is the concept of learned behavior and building difficulty while increasing your dog's confidence. Scary and unpredictable situations will hinder confidence. Using positive reinforcement while gradually increasing the length and the tilt of your teeter will help him to understand his behavior and build confidence. With each success, your dog will feel good about confronting obstacles and can concentrate on adjusting his speed and balance for each new challenge.

Buy several to create a sets for continous growth. Mix and match lengths in your facility for different dog sizes.

Key Features:

  • Portable & lightweight
  • 2 sizes with 4 settings
  • Legs are interchangeable to create 4 different style teeters.

Pawsitraction bone shaped grooves on top surface reduce slipping and add extra appeal.

Balance and fun built into one. Karah guides the dog over the teeter.

Now available in 4 styles and 2 sizes!
Choose from 3ft or 5ft lengths.

teeter walkover
teeter with short drop
teeter ramp
Category / Part NumberProduct Name / Description Product Price*
025-0000-1044-00Teeter, Fungility, 5'$286.00
025-0000-1044-01Teeter, Fungility, 3'$275.00
025-0000-1044-02Set of 2 teeters (1 ea 3' and 1 ea 5')$538.00
025-0000-1044-03Set of 4 Teeters (2 ea 3' and 2 ea 5'$1,076.00
025-0000-1044-04Set of 4 Teeters (4 ea 3')$1,053.00
025-0000-1044-05Set of 4 Teeters (4 ea 5')$1,099.00

Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.

The lightweight, welded frame is constructed from 1.25-inch square aluminum tubing with rounded corners for exceptional strength and easy handling. The surface is constructed from commercial grade 1/4" HDPE Plastic with a high performance, non-slip pawsitraction design for inside and outside doggy day care use.

Doggy Day Care FUNiture is available in 10 colors!

Tan Panel Sample
Green Panel Sample
Blue Panel Sample
Gray Panel Sample
Red Panel Sample
Yellow Panel Sample
Orange Panel Sample
White Panel Sample
Brown Panel Sample
Black Panel Sample


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