Room Dividers - Customize Your Doggy Day Care Space

Separate small dogs from big ones, timid dogs from dogs with a more aggressive play style. Stone Mountain’s modular panel system lets you customize your day care space to fit the needs of your canine clients in order to maximize your space and increase your bottom line. It’s dog-tested and day care approved!

Multi Color Divider
Orange and Gray Dividers
Perfect for Doggy Daycare. Divide up your space. Create an entryway vestibule around a doorway.
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Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.

  • Made with a heavy wall aluminum frame that is powder coated for a tough, attractive finish and HDPE plastic panels (the same durable plastic as modern playground equipment).
  • Tough HDPE panels and thick aluminum bars hold up to the daily abuse of dogs being dogs.
  • Easily customized to any configuration or length using a combination of panels (each panel can be up to 8 feet in length).
  • We offer the following Room Divider styles:
    • Solid
      - Prevents dogs on opposite sides from seeing each other.
    • Grille Top
      - Allows handlers to watch both sides of a room.
    • Full Grille
      - Can be used to "introduce" a dog to the pack.
  • Necessity / Options:
    • People Door
      - Gives humans side to side access.
    • Sliding Dog Gate
      - Allows for easy canine entry and exit.
  • Panels are set on heavy-duty locking casters, so it's easy to reposition the divider as needed.
  • Dividers fold up and roll away quickly and easily to change your space's configuration or store when not in use.
  • Create an entryway that allows your customers convenient access to the doggy daycare space without being "hounded" by a group of eager, attention-loving dogs as soon as they enter the room.
  • Very small bottom-to-floor gap means even tiny dogs can't escape.
  • 4 foot panel height is an effective visual barrier for separating play groups.
  • Gates latch securely, but open easily with one hand.



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Divider collapses for storage
Tan & Black Divider, Extended
Black Frame with Tan Panels, Extended
They do what they're built to do. They give me the ability to reconfigure my rooms. They're just what I wanted. Wayne Regan
Dawg Gone It - Monterey, CA
Amy demonstrates the collapsing of the solid Room Divider
Image Gallery
The Board Hound Set - Photos courtesy Cassie Moore Photography & The Board Hound - Click images to enlarge
The Board Hound Panoramic View
Panoramic View of Room Dividers at The Board Hound in Arlington, VA
The Board Hound Room Divider
Beautiful Modern Facility

Human Perspective
Human Perspective
Two Panel Example
Two Panel Example
Series of Panels, Front View
Series of Panels, Front View
Series of Panels, Side View
Series of Panels, Side View
End Piece Example
End Piece Example
Four Panel Example
Four Panel Example
Sliding Dog Gate
Sliding Dog Gate
Grille Top Series - Click images to enlarge
Gate Latch
Gate Latch
Entryway Vestibule
Entryway Vestibule
Easily Collapsible
Easily Collapsible
Folded for Storage
Folded for Storage

Simple Panel Fastener
Simple Panel Fastener
Folding Joint, Top View
Folding Joint, Top View
Tiny Gaps for Tiny Dogs!
Tiny Gaps for Tiny Dogs!
Yellow & Blue, Folded for Storage
Yellow & Blue, Folded for Storage
Vestibule Expertly Packed
Vestibule Expertly Packed
Bruce Demoing End Piece
Bruce Demoing End Piece

Room Divider Panels are available in 10 colors!.

Tan Panel Sample
Green Panel Sample
Blue Panel Sample
Gray Panel Sample
Red Panel Sample
Yellow Panel Sample
Orange Panel Sample
White Panel Sample
Brown Panel Sample
Black Panel Sample

Contact a sales representative for more details on lead times and pricing.

Standard Frame Colors
Black Frame Sample
Black (standard)
Gray Frame Sample
Tan Frame Sample

Many color choices are available with lead times up to 8 weeks and additional cost, depending on the color chosen. We've chosen to demonstrate black because it is our most commonly picked color and works well with many of our panel colors.

Mouseover to view sample color combinations:

Black Frame / White Panel
Black Frame / Red Panel
Black Frame / Blue Panel
Black Frame / Yellow Panel
Black Frame / Tan Panel
Black Frame / Orange Panel
Black Frame / Green Panel

Current Selection:

Questions to Consider When Designing Your Room Divider:

  • How would you like the divider to fit in your room? Straight across? Curved into a corner?
  • What is the exact width of your room? Required dimension.
  • Do you need an entryway section?
  • Do you need any gate sections?
  • Which style would you like? Grille top, full-height grille, solid or a combination?
  • What color combination would you prefer?


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