Teeters - Tip the Balance Toward Fun!

Our teeters are built to competition standards: 12 inches wide and 12 feet long. Available complete for minor assembly at your operation, or frame-only.

  • Lightweight, welded frame and base are constructed from 1.25-inch square aluminum tubing with rounded corners for exceptional strength and easy handling.
  • Aluminum frame is naturally resistant to weathering, but can be anodized or powder coat painted at extra cost.
  • 3-position base offers two training heights (12 and 18 inches) and one competition height (24 inches).
  • Bases include drainage holes to discourage water storage.
  • Base braces eliminate the need for an adjustable chain - base legs won't hop or "walk" together.
  • Board frame has very little flex, minimizing board whip.
  • Teeter attaches to its base with a heavy-duty steel hinge pin, which can be removed to store the equipment.
  • This product makes use of heavy wall aluminum tubing. Heavy duty yet light-weight, and round corners make it easy and safe to handle.
Teeter by Stone Mountain Pet Products
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Built with the same lightweight, welded frame as the competitive teeter, it is constructed from 1.25-inch square aluminum tubing with rounded corners for exceptional strength and easy handling. The surface is constructed from commercial grade 1/4" HDPE Plastic with a high performance, non-slip coating.

Mini Teeter is available in a variety of colors.

Teeter Trainer

Our competitive teeters can often be a little intimidating for a dog just starting out with Agility training so we have designed a new "mini teeter" to build their confidence and get them started. Theteeter trainer is part of the Fungility line which can be used for less intensive training.

Key Features Include:

  • Portable & lightweight
  • 60" teeter length
  • 12" teeter width
  • 18" frame provides support.
  • The center point of teeter and center point of the frame are the same
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your existing equipment
Tan Panel Sample
Green Panel Sample
Blue Panel Sample
Gray Panel Sample
Red Panel Sample
Yellow Panel Sample
Orange Panel Sample
White Panel Sample
Brown Panel Sample
Black Panel Sample
We have been using the teeter for almost a week now. It is rock solid and doesn't jump around even when big fast dogs go over it. This is a vast improvement. Our old one jumped around even with sandbags, etc. Also, the new one, once it gets tipped down, it stays there - the old one would try to bounce back up which made it really hard to convince dogs they should stand half on and half off at the end! The new one doesn't do that at all, which is really good! The instructors love it! It's a hit! Brenda Scidmore
Dogs Welcome! - Madison, WI
Part Number Product Name / Description Product Price *
025-0000-0770-03 Teeter (w/ Aluminum Deck & Rubber skin) $989.00
025-0000-1044-00 Teeter, Fungility $363.00

* Prices are subject to changes. Please call for confirmation or with any questions.

Club Teeters Regulations

Club Height Ramp Length Ramp Width Contact Zones
AKC 24" 12' 12" 42"
NADAC 24" 12' 9.25-12" 36-42"
UKC 16" (8')
20" (10')
24" (12')
8', 10', 12' 12" ±0.5" 24"
USDAA 24-27" 12' 9-12" 36"

Image Gallery
Rubber Surface
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Close-Up of Rubber Decking
Rubber Surface Close-Up on Aluminum Deck
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Underside View
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Base Position 1
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Base Position 2
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Base Position 3
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Tool-less Brace Pin
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Optional Adjustable Chain
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Teeter at Base Position 1 Displaying Underside of Deck
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