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Stone Mountain Pet Products are quality products that are tested and used everyday at many Pet Grooming and Lodging facilities such as Stone Mountain Pet Lodge, one of the largest pet boarding operations in Minnesota. Manufactured by Larson Systems with a focus on enginering, the same attention to quaility, durability, affordability and detail in their industrial equipment goes into our attractive and easy-to-use pet products!

Stone Mountain Pet Products understands that veterinarians have different requirements than doggy daycare providers, that small kennels and large boarding facilities operate differently from private breeding operations, trainers have focused needs and groomers come in all different sizes. Regardless of the user, Stone Mountain Pet Products delivers what you need.

image Express Suites Express Suites help you get the most out of your space. Perfect for any number of temporary or permanent uses at your facility or event.
image Insulated Dog Doors At only 1.5 inches thick, our Insulated Dog Doors have an R-Value of 7.5! Install these doors to save energy and money by keeping temperature extremes outside where they belong.
image Room Dividers Our modular panel system lets you customize your day care space to fit the needs of your canine clients. Dog-tested and day care approved!
image Boarding Suites Booked solid for the holidays? Need short-term parking for grooming, "time-out" space for rowdy day care dogs, or enough units to outfit a new facility? Boarding Suites are your answer.
image Dog Doors Our Dog Suite Doors are made to withstand the daily rigors of a boarding facility's operation, are a breeze to install and simple to operate.
image Dogs & Small Pet Condos Based on a simple cube, each unit gives small pets 10 cubic feet of living space (with an optional raised loft for cats). Units can also be stacked to form a larger, connected living space.
image Suite Gates - Sliding Space-saving Sliding Gates open without intruding into the aisle for canine guest entry and exit, then can swing open wide for cleaning with a drive-in scrubber or squeegee.
image Suite Gates - Swinging Swinging Gates open wide to make it easier for you to gain access to the suites to clean them.
image Cat Atriums Upscale housing for your facility's feline guests. From individual, divided suites to large, open accommodations for an entire cat family. Give cats the luxury they know they deserve.
image Cat Condos Cats will love 10 cubic feet of living space including a raised loft area and portholes on top, bottom, and both sides. Units can also be stacked to form a larger, connected living space.
DDC FUNiture Doggy Day Care Funiture Our bright, commercial grade Doggy Day Care FUNiture takes the boredom out of dogs' daily play.
fungility Doggy Day Care Fungility Non-competitive agility equipment, our DDC Fungility Stations allow pets to play and perform the same activities at an easier pace.
image K-9 DryersThe world’s most powerful, portable dryer in their class – a K-9 dryer is sure to help your shop get dogs dryer, faster! Using all commercial grade building materials, these dryers are built to last.
image Dog Walks Measuring 35 feet from end to end, our Dog Walks can be raised to heights of 25 or 48 inches and provide a stable walking surface for dogs of all sizes.
a-image A-Frames Train a dog to run up and down an incline with our classic A-Frame contact equipment. 36 inches wide and 18 feet from end to end.
image Teeters 12 inches wide and 12 feet in length, our teeters are built to competition standards and come standard with a locking 3-position base.
weave poles Weave Poles With 42.5 inches high and spaced 24 inches from center to center to meet competition regulations, our Weave Poles' spacing reduces torque on the spinal columns of larger dogs.
image Pause Tables With a 36 inch by 36 inch square platform with 5 variable heights, our Pause Table heights are defined by regulation standards.
image Custom Suite Numbers Add a little extra to your facility. Custom suite numbers make your suites looks professional and organized.

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