Stainless steel replacement caster for your Doggy Day Care Room Dividers, Agility Equipment, Cat and Small Pet Condos, or Express Suites.


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Stainless Steel Replacement Casters can be purchased for our Doggy Day Care Room Dividers, Agility Equipment, Cat & Small Pet Condos or Express Suites. 

We use a total-lock, stainless steel caster. All parts are made of stainless steel, especially made for long service life. They have exceptional resistance against rust and corrosion and are 100% washable.

This caster provides a smooth roll when unlocked for easy movement. The total-lock brake design provides a way to simultaneously lock both the swivel raceway and the wheel with the depression of a single pedal; making the unit stationary.


  • Total-lock brake simultaneously locks both the swivel & wheel making the rolling unit stationary and more stable than when using just wheel brakes
  • All metal parts are 100% Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel extends service life & other resistance again rust & corrosion.
  • Double ball raceways offer improved swiveling action and durability.
  • Fork and leg assembly designed and formed for maximum durability and long term service.