Doggy Day Care Divider Door, Cable Lift

Cable lift doors are made to withstand the daily grind of doggy day care operations. Can pull from any spot near the door to avoid being trampled by dogs entering or exiting.



Doggy Day Care door with cable lift allows users to pull in any direction
Divider with cable lift door, worker pulling from the left side.
Dog enter through the divider door with worker pulling from the right side.
Close-up of the cable lift with the poly handle for comfort and easy operation


Key Features:

  • Durable, Attractive & Easy to Clean
    • Powder coated doors
    • Clear anodized aluminum frame
    • Cadmium plated steel pulleys
    • All stainless steel fasteners -no rust
  • Smooth & Easy Operation
    • Lightweight, pulley-operated door
    • Door rides in an extruded track
    • Pull in any direction
    • Stainless steel cable with scent-free poly handle cover included with every door
    • Allows canine for quick and easy entry and exit
    • Door has ability to be facing in either direction
  • 4 Sided Frame
    • No edges for dogs to chew on
  • Optional Upgrades
    • Door Lock


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025-0000-1072- DDC Doggie Door w/Cable Lift Call for Quote Get Info