3′ Teeter

Available in 10 colors!


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Stone Mountain Pet Products has designed a┬áteeter training system┬áto build dogs’ skills and confidence. Our teeter trainer system uses positive reinforcement as your dogs passes through each level of the system. With each success, your dog will feel good about confronting obstacles and can concentrate on adjusting his speed and balance for each new challenge.

Once your dog has mastered the basics, you can add more teeters to your system or add them to your other obstacle courses. Mix and match lengths in your facility for different dog sizes.

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4.5", 8"

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Pawsitraction bone shaped grooves on top surface reduce slipping and add extra appeal.

The legs are interchangeable. Adjust placement to create 4 different style teeters.

Teeter walkover
Teeter with short drop
Teeter ramp