Condo Kick Plates

Available in 10 colors!

Stone Mountain Cat and Small Pet Condos are a great modular solution for all your feline and small pet boarding needs. Our condos are portable on casters for easy movement and cleaning.


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Now we have added an extra level of beauty with our custom condo kick plates. Hide your condo casters and close the space underneath your condos so small animals can’t crawl beneath during playtime.

Our HDPE Plastic Panels don’t asborb pet urine, so they won’t swell up and disintigrate like particle board. HDPE is the same durable material used in children’s playground equipment and is easy to wipe clean or pressure wash. Available in a variety of colors to match your facility. No Assembly Required. Don’t waste a weekend frustrated with assembly. Our Cat Condos ship to you completely assembled!

6 Cat Condo Bank with Tempered Glass Doors


Condo Kickplate Trim Kit.pdf