Express Drying Suites

Express Drying Suites from Stone Mountain Pet Products make your facility attractive and show customers you provide a safe, clean, and well planned space for the pets in your care. This will build your customers’ confidence and trust in your business and improve your bottom line.

Available in 10 Colors!



Express Drying Suites from Stone Mountain Pet Products are an investment in your success. They provide durability, flexibility, and safety for your animals all while giving you a great looking facility.

Built with durable materials like HDPE plastic and aluminum framing, our suites offer you a long-lasting solution for the most demanding dogs and employees.

The fans offer 3670CFM each on the highest setting.  Room temperature air is used to dry the dogs. Keeping dogs safe from overheating. Each fan draws 1.6A on its highest setting.

Our new dividing panel lets you to split each suite to be drying 2-4 dogs at a time.

The diffusion system allows the airflow to travel on the sides and under the dogs to help your dog receive a more even dry.


  • Tough enough to use everyday
    • 20″ – 3670 CFM commercial grade fans move the highest volume of air in its class for fast drying
  • Three speeds of air flow
    • 3670 CFM
    • 3300 CFM
    • 2940 CFM
    • a choice for every situation
  • Room Temperature Air – no overheating your dogs
  • Low amperage draw. Each fan draws only:
    • 1.6A on it’s highest setting
    • 1.3A on medium
    • 1.1A on low
  • Premium anodized aluminum framework for beautiful and durable finish
  • Ability to mount the drying fans on the sides or back of kennel, depending on salon’s requirements (factory option)
  • All Stainless Steel attachment hardware
  • Tough 1/4″ thick HDPE panels are available in 10 colors
  • Elevated drying trays included so your dogs are not lying in a puddle of water
  • Heavy gauge (.25″) ABS trays contain accidents and are removable for cleaning
  • Custom engraving option available for company logo, dog’s name, etc.
  • Padlock ready latch for added security



Category / Part Number
32 Series Suites
w/ transport casters
Product Name / Description Product Price *
025-0000-0994-36 Express Suite Grooming Dryer with Dividing Panel $10,978.00 Get Info