Swivel Bowl Feeders

Swivel bowl feeders are a great option to make feeding time fast and easy BUT THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Our feeder swivel base allows you to feed your guests without entering the kennel suite. This is especially important for dogs that require no direct contact.



Feeder locks into place to hold stationary. Bowls are locked in with easy to use clips.

Our swivel bowl feeder system comes with a single bowl or with a double bowl capacity. Typically built for 2-quart capacity bowls, this system is also offered for 1-quart bowls. Superior quality, these feeders are made out of a strong stainless steel and are built to last.

Unlocked bowl in feeding position

Unlocked bowl in filling position
Single swivel bowl installed in tempered glass suite.
Single 2-quart bowl feeder.


  • Available with a single bowl or a set for food and water
  • Standard 2-quart bowls
  • Feeder bowls are elevated off the floor
  • Bowls are easily stackable for cleaning and feeding time
  • Tip proof design
  • Locks hold the feeder in place for filling on the outside of the kennel or on the inside for feeding.