Dog Walk

Versatile Agility Walks for Dogs of All Sizes

Rounded tubing makes a smooth edge that won’t hurt your hands or your pets paws. It’s easier and safer to move or carry.


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The Stone Mountain Dog Walk measures 35 feet from end to end and can be raised to 25 inches for training or 48 inches off the floor for competitions. It’s built to provide a stable walking surface for dogs of all sizes.

shown: Purple Dog Walk set at a competition height of 48 inches.
Dog Walk with casters (w/ Aluminum Deck & Rubber w/ Slats)
Built with durability in mind. Dog Walk holding 1,000 lbs. of weights
Built in Casters
Rubber Surface Close-Up
Dog Walk with Aluminum Deck
Purple & Yellow Dog Walk with Aluminum Deck & Slats
Dog Walk stored
Dog Walk with no slats

Additional information

Contact Zone Color

Blue 20, Bright Red, Green 11, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow

Contact Zone Length

36", 42"

Secondary Color

Blue 20, Bright Red, Green 11, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow

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  • Lightweight, welded frame is constructed from 1.25-inch square aluminum tubing with rounded corners for exceptional strength and easy handling.
  • Aluminum frame is naturally resistant to weathering, but can be finished with anodizing or powder coat painting at extra cost.
  • Ramps and bridges are 12 inches wide and have bright colored rubber surfaces.
  • Ramps connect and disconnect to bridge with heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel hinge pins for easy movement and storage.
  • Slats can be added to ramps for additional cost.